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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to cycle the Alps 2 Ocean Cycle trail?

There are 8 sections of the Alps 2 Ocean Cycle Trail. Completing 1 trail section per day works out to about 3-4 hours of cycling per day over 8 cycling days (you will have to allow for 1 day of travel time to the starting point). Many people who ride bikes regularly will double up some trail sections, which reduces the overall duration. For each day the trip duration is reduced this will make that day's cycling 5-6.5 hours

How do I get to the start of the Alps 2 Ocean trail?

Flying in to Christchurch or Queenstown is best. There is an Intercity bus departure from Christchurch City Centre at 8:30am arriving in Twizel at 1:30pm. Similarly, there is an InterCity bus departure from Queenstown at 8:05am and arrives in Twizel at 11:10am. Please note, that catching either of these morning buses will require that you arrive in and stay 1 night prior to your buses start date. You can read more about bus timetables and fares on the InterCity website here.  

How do I get home at the end of my trip?

Getting home from the trail finish in Oamaru - InterCity have a 3:00pm departure (arrives Christchurch City Centre or Airport at 6:50pm), and a 9:30am departure (arrives Christchurch City Centre or Airport at 1:50pm). It is also possible to bus to Dunedin from Oamaru at 12:05pm (arrives at 1:40pm). Flying out of Queenstown is not the best option as it requires transferring via Dunedin.

Can we park our car at your depot in Twizel? 

Anyone who has made a booking with us is welcome to park their vehicle at our Cycle Journeys depot in Twizel for the duration of their cycle. Please note that while we offer free parking, and it is on private property, the area is not fenced off. We have not had any security issues but vehicles parked at our depot are done so at the owners own risk.

Are meals included if we book with Cycle Journeys?

Meals are only included where there are no local dining options available. Note – some extra meals may be included with superior/premium accommodation levels.

Can we bring our own SDP clipless pedals?

Absolutely! You can bring your own SPD Shimano Clipless pedals and we can install them during your bike fitting at our depot. We just ask that you bring your own shoes and a tool the remove them at the end the trip. Alternatively, we do have our own Shimano SPD pedals that you can book prior to your departure.

If we become tired while cycling can we be picked up along the trail? 

All of the trips we offer at Cycle Journeys are self-guided and we can not guarantee a shuttle will be available on call for every section of the trail. This is due to the logistics of operating along a trail over 300kms long and because many parts of the trail often divert away from roads.

If you are concerned about being unable to complete any of the sections of the trial, we suggest hiring an E-bike as these bikes are ideal for anyone wanting to enjoy the A2O experience with their friends or family at a pace that allows them to comfortably keep up with the group regardless of the trail conditions or distance. The E-motor provides pedal assistance based on the level a rider needs it, for example more when going uphill or into a headwind. These amazing Avanti Discovery E-bikes are staff favourites at Cycle Journeys.

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